You could walk through Christian Louboutin's luxurious Mount Street store without even realising it was there, but sure enough, cleverly hidden by a series of one way mirrors, is a secret shopping pod. A glamorous chaise longue and a wall featuring some of the famous shoe designer's earlier work help create the sumptuous setting for a unique shopping experience, where customers can browse the entire collection at leisure, with the help of a private sales assistant.
Brides can make appointments with their maid of honour at Louboutin's Library, where they will be offered Champagne and treats, whilst they choose the perfect shoes for their special day. Special orders are also possible, as brides are given the opportunity to browse the collection of Louboutin's most popular styles and fabrics to create their own unique version of the famous scarlet-soled shoes.

Appointments at The Library may be booked by calling the boutique on 0207 491 0033