I've had to do quite a few model castings of late, with all my fashion shoots going on. It's a funny old business. You start off with a fashion story, a theme. Then you think to yourself, "Now, what type of look do I want for this?" It's a bit like when you were 5 and asked to draw a pretty picture; you'd do a house and then maybe some trees and flowers and then a person or two, and without even thinking you'd draw someone you liked the look of. Well for model castings it's the same principle but with real people. So for my fashion jewellery shoot I wanted two girls; one blonde and one brunette, with a young, modern and fresh look. I contacted all the London model agencies, relayed this to them, and then they sent me pictures of girls from which I could choose my favourites. That's the best bit; it's a nice little distraction from your computer when they suddenly appear at your desk. And they do appear just like that - I had an open appointment over two days so I would be on my phone or typing the millionth email of the day and there they would be, grinning away. Let's face it everyone loves having a pretty face around. This week was even better. I was casting for girls and boys! Oh did the rest of the office like it when the boys arrived. It was like a diet Coke ad - wait - BETTER. There were loads of them, queuing, and so the line grew enough for everyone to get a good hard look. Me - and I'm being really honest here - I have so much on that I just wanted to see their books. Boys are also more annoying than girls, they do this flirt thing which I think they think will get them the job. Noooo. They get it because they are hot - or have got the right look for the story, to be more precise. Girls on the other hand just stand there and mind their own business while you flick through their pictures. I found some great ones in the end, boys and girls. It's a hard but rewarding job! Someone has to do it I guess. Besides, my office castings are entertainment for the troops!