I recently got back from a long weekend in Italy at the holiday home of my parents-in-law. Total and utter bliss. It really was La Vie En Rose - only in Italian. When you know your daily decisions are based on what cocktail to have in the evening, what book to read or even whether you should bother yourself with a siesta or not, you know life's got to be pretty good. I did of course come back feeling like a million dollars. With this in mind I couldn't help thinking back to this time last year when I was preparing for my wedding. Well I say 'preparing' - anyone would have thought I was in charge of organising the next G8 summit. Like most brides to be I took it all very seriously and buried myself at the heart of my plans instead of taking a step back and enjoying it. Ok, I had a beautifully organised wedding but I didn't enjoy the last key week when you should be on a complete and utter high, and you know what: I really regret it. Whilst on holiday this year I couldn't help thinking I should have come out to Italy for a long weekend before my wedding simply to put things in to perspective. Looking back it wouldn't have affected my plans one iota but at the time I thought it would be disastrous because by that point I couldn't see beyond anything else.
Since last year, having chatted to engaged friends and people since married, I know this is 'normal'. However I wish, oh I wish, someone had sat me down and said "just take a bloody break", instead of watching me fumble along. I am of course now passionately telling this to all my friends and to you. What really hit home was when I was reading an exclusive celeb interview we have in our next September/October issue (not to be missed, it's brilliant!) They state that when you find yourself focusing and stressing about all the minor details, you are focusing on the wrong things. It's 100% true. Is the best man's speech going to annoy me? Will I find my dress too hot? Will I love my dress enough? etc, etc. As it happens, the best man at my wedding couldn't even get his words out so I had to take over, my dress ripped at the back while dancing but I didn't even notice, and most of all I loved every second of wearing it. Now, could I have predicted any of this and thus controlled it? Of course not, and the drama over the best man's speech was one of the best moments of my wedding because it was impromptu and added atmosphere. So 'let it roll' is all I say. Sit back and enjoy the good times. Remember those words of wisdom about focusing on what it's really all about - marrying the man of your dreams - and take a day off, a weekend, and get away from it. The wedding will happen. What's important is your role in it, and you'll only ever love it if you let go. Just a little!