I have just come back from the South of France. I love working when I am away. My "to do" list fades away and I can dream up dresses without interruption. I often work when I am travelling and jet lag is the best - laying in bed in some hotel the other side of the world can have very beneficial results.In the past creative people were indulged so much more. Bohemians made their skirts out of tablecloths and joined up with the travelers for a few months, writing some poems along the way, and then headed back home to Fulham. Personally I would prefer the South of France and without the travelers.

Joe Hill

The South of France is the maddest place. We saw a poster for a show in the village square at 9pm one evening so after dinner we joined the town folk to see the "can-can". Firstly however we had to suffer the local "pub singer" for an hour. The crowds loved him and wouldn't let him go. Then five girls "Folie Begere" style appeared along with magician and drag artist. The costumes were amazing, feathers and tassels and sequins and crystals. Then they took everything off so we had to go. The day before we went to another village where the entire community had dressed up in Medieval clothing. So don't be surprised if my next collection is all chain mail, ostrich, pointy shoes and the odd bare bit.