Currently I am sitting in the Business centre at the Mandarin Oriental New York, I've been flown over to New York by Origins for an exclusive sneak preview of their latest product (girls listen up: this moisturiser 'Starting Over' launches in December, and research proves that it is the natural alternative to Botox, whilst also being a far less painful option. More to follow in our January/February issue) and the opportunity to interview Jane Lauder, the granddaughter of Estée Lauder and Senior Vice President and General Manager of Origins. Naturally makeup was kept to a minimum whilst stiletto height was kept to a maximum - New York women always look glamorous and I was not to be outdone! Surrounded by test tubes in a real life laboratory at the front line of development and research into skincare we discussed her hero products and skincare advice. But before long conversation moved on to weddings, and to her own which was only seven years ago. I couldn't resist passing on her advice to you!

Jane said that one piece of advice someone gave her before her own big day that she felt was truly valuable was to wear a fragrance that you love. It will always remind you of the day itself, so perhaps chose something different from what you might usually wear. She chose a fragrance by Jo Malone called Vintage Gardenia and then enhanced it by wearing a gardenia in her hair, so now the gentlest waft of the flower's fragrance will always remind her of her wedding day. One thing she would have changed however was her choice of shoes; the shoes she chose were new and very high but by the end of the reception having been on her feet greeting all the guests her feet were "less than comfortable" but she couldn't remove them because the length of her dress prohibited it. I've actually heard similar stories from many brides and the best advice I've heard is to try and find a pair of wedges that are the same height as your wedding shoes, that way when they start to get painful you can swap and trust me; wedges are much more comfortable!

As she had already mentioned her dress I couldn't help but ask which designer she chose, especially as having been to the shows in New York I'm aware of the huge number of dazzling options available to society brides! Of course her answer was Vera Wang. Finally I asked what her advice to brides-to-be was and she told me how when looking for the dress she had gone shopping with her sister who had enthusiastically chosen a vast variety of dresses for her to try on, but Jane had remained true to her instinct and knew the moment she saw her dress that it was the one for her. The moral to the story she said, is never get distracted by your friends or family's advice - you know what will work on you and that will be the gown that makes you feel at your most comfortable and beautiful. So girls, there you have it; when choosing your gown stick to your instinct. I know how many options there are available out there and trends are always developing, but on your wedding day you should be yourself and go for the dress you love regardless of fashion.