It's been a pretty busy few weeks for us in the Brides fashion department. Bryony has been busy preparing her trip to the Seychelles and I've been sorting out my trip to Morocco - both of us to shoot fashion stories out there for our upcoming November/December issue. I always love telling people where we are off to - it's always greeted with such envy, like we are going on some free holiday to sun ourselves on our backs for a week. Whilst I'm hardly complaining myself, trips are certainly not holidays. The amount of work, time, organisation, sweat and blood and all that rest of it that goes into them is not to be sniffed at. Once you've decided on the stories you are shooting and have chosen the photographer and models you wish to be involved you turn into a mini travel agent! Finding and booking hotels, flights, etc, etc is time consuming not to mention a big responsibility. Then there is obviously research that goes into the area that you are staying in so you arrive prepared, calling in all the dresses and accessories which fit the stories, finding suitable props and generally dealing with the million and one different things that need to be done for any shoot - but abroad. Yet nor would you achieve the same beautiful photos if you stayed in the UK- last time I checked the Isle of Wight didn't have any palm trees growing there, nor was the sand very white! Also I must mention that there's a lot of love that goes into these shoots. Creatively it's very exciting and you can get carried away with the stories you are planning. I've already tried on a few pouf veils and slipped on a few rings, dreamed about some of the dresses, asked myself why I didn't get married in "that" one and pinned inspirational pictures all round my desk! The more you love a story, the more time and effort you put into it and just as there's a side of it that's hard work, there's another that's also good fun. Can't say I'm looking forward to cruising round the airport with my 900 suitcases but hey! Once we get there we'll no doubt be in a world of our own, wedding dresses and all sorts flying around. I don't think Morocco will know what's hit them!

Brian Nice