This week, a new flower stall bloomed around the corner from Vogue House. Every Thursday and Friday, from 11am till late, Nellie's Flower Stall sells hand-tied country style posies from just £10. Nellie has great style - as you would expect from someone who has supplied Madonna with her flowers - and as well as being beautiful and reasonably priced, her posies carry a heady scent. It's impossible to walk past her stall without noticing this and it reminded me (to remind you!) to think carefully about the look but also the fragrance of the flowers you choose for your wedding flowers, especially your bouquet. Here are my tips on picking the perfect scented bouquet:

For a relaxed summer wedding bouquet, you can't go wrong with a naturally perfumed bunch of English garden roses, simple and unadorned, or mixed with fresh lavender.

If you're getting married in the spring, peonies are a good choice, and come in shades of pinks, peach and creamy white. If your heart is set on a classic white scented spring bouquet, your best bet is to choose paperwhites or do as Elizabeth Hurley did, and carry a bouquet of lily of the valley. Be warned, though, this is not the cheapest of blooms and the delicate nature of lily of the valley will mean you'll need a lot for impact.
Hyacinth and eucalyptus work well in winter bridal bouquets and for year-round fragrance. I love freesia, but also think the humble herb shouldn't be overlooked. Think about threading clusters of mint and rosemary through your bouquet of blooms.

Not forgetting the autumn bride, my advice would be to concentrate on the look rather than the scent of your bouquet. There are few fragranced flowers available at this time of the year, so instead make the most of the beautiful autumnal leaves and berries that are at their best around October time. Scented candles are a great substitute, and dotted around your reception space they will fill the air with a floral aroma.

You will be able to find pretty much any fragrance regardless of the time of the year, and in my next blog, I'll be filling you in on the best of the best when it comes to scented candles, so watch this (white) space...

Nellie's Flowers is located on the steps of St George's Church, Maddox Street, W1