"For those of you that are at the marshmallow stage of love the Waterhouse exhibition at the Royal Academy is a must. Hopelessly romantic with nymphs and sirens and dashing young heroes in armour with swords. The colours are perfection and I would be shocked if you weren't inspired. I often take inspiration from paintings and often a single postcard can be the beginning of a collection. Usually at that point I am consumed by wanting to know more about the artist and their life and then the painting comes to life in a way I never appreciated before. When I first happened upon Waterhouse I discovered that his studio was around the corner from me in Primrose Hill, and I loved the notion that he created The Lady of Shallot a stone's throw from where I slept.

I always suggest to brides that they make a mood board of their favourite ideas before they start spending. Collect anything that makes you feel passionate; a poem, an old photograph, a flower. Remove and add until everything fits together and makes you happy. Take a photo and print it out and then you can take it to all your appointments. Most of us are not great at verbalising our visions and I find a good mood board can save you a thousand words and get you what you want.

I have also loved Rupert Everett's programme on the scandalous life of Byron. I loved Rupert since I read his infamous autobiography and his take on Byron was refreshing. In the same way that Shakespeare came to life for me after Baz Lurhmann's Romeo and Juliet, and Sophia Copppolas Marie Antoinette made me cry out to save her pretty neck, I fell in love with Byron. Watch Rupert reading Byron's poems and I defy you not to melt. Great wedding day material from a man that shunned any notion of convention.

On the other hand I have been made to see the latest Harry Potter twice and if anyone can explain who the Half Blood Prince is to me I would be very grateful.