Coming Up Trumps
Mummy's been married three times and Daddy has also completed the hat trick, so it is about time Ivanka Trump gets in the game. The business-savvy 27-year-old even had her publisher boyfriend Jared Kushner present her with a 5.22-carat diamond from her own jewellery line. "I got engaged last night - truly the happiest day of my life." she Twittered.

Cluck, Cluck
Don't mess with a mad Moss. The Super threw a hen party for a friend last weekend, but when some two police-uniformed strippers (a last minute addition by her PA) turned up on the canal barge ferrying the group from London to Moss' Oxfordshire converted barn, she threw a super-strop and chucked them off the boat. I guess there will be no L-plates and veil when it's Kate's turn... or a police escort.

Quote Of The Week
'I've still got her on my menu on my phone as Posh.'
David Beckham keeps it real with the wifey.