I have just bought my assistant designer a book on Chanel for her birthday. Its called Mademoiselle and it is photographs of Coco in her later years during one day in the summer of '62 as she puts together her collection and presents the show. It is shot a few years before I was born and yet looking at the photos I feel nothing has changed for us designers. I don't work with a ciggy hanging out of my mouth and/or a hat and alas without the Chanel suit but the amount of passion and consideration that goes into each style hasn't changed. If you are born with a passion for something it is a bit like being as hopelessly in love as I presume you all are. The emotion has no fear and no reason, just an unstoppable force that will enable you to survive anything and conquer the world and remake a whole dress because the train is just 5cm too short! I think the philosophy of fashion is to create beauty for the sake of it. It's not about changing the world, it's about changing the way someone feels about themselves. and consequently how someone else will react to them. Designing bridalwear is therefore very challenging. The bride must feel divine and all the guests must agree. Oh dear that sounds so stressful. Maybe I should start smoking.