Last week we had huge fun shooting makeovers for the upcoming November/December issue. We had some real life brides, each with their own personal beauty/fashion dilemma, which we fixed in no time.

Joe Hill

It constantly intrigues me to see that on each and every shoot all brides, no matter what shape, size, look, style, age, etc all have hairstyle worries. And guess what - this was my biggest one too. Despite being so self-assured in everything else, and even though I love my hair; I got all stressed by which look to go for.
On my gap year I did an internship with L'Oreal and it was there I learnt the extent to which women pour so much time, money and thought into their hair and hairstyles. At the end of the day it frames your face and is the base of your entire "beauty" look.

Up or down, loose or tight, wavy or straight? The list is endless and I think brides not only worry about getting their look right because its one of the biggest events of their life, but also as there is so much you can do with your hair on your wedding day in terms of veils, tiaras and hair accessories.

I am always fascinated by what Mathew Alexander, hairdresser extraordinaire and makeover genius, has to say on our shoots. Last week there were a lot of short hair dilemmas. There is so much you can do with short hair (and I am talking boyish short not just a bob), although so many girls think they need hair extensions. Unless your heart is set on this you really don't need to. Short hair is great and at the end of the day if it's your look you should make it work for you on your day. Put some volume into it to fluff it up and give it a bit of glamour (think Fifties Hollywood starlets) and then add some great accessories. If you want a veil, a cropped one will look great. Long works too - attach towards the back of the head rather than front so it doesn't swamp you. Choose big hairpieces on short hair, such as flower corsages (available from most department stories) or show stopping crystal combs. Crystal Alice bands are a great alternative to a traditional tiara - try

The other dilemma last week was fine, shortish hair (long bob) that has no style to it. Again, either add volume to it and give it a bit of a wave (people assume you can only do this to long hair but it's not true) which can look very glam, or straighten it, giving it style by sweeping it over to one side and tucking it under at the bottom. Fascinators look good with these styles, as do crystal hair slides. Try, Cherry Chau at Selfridges or Louis Mariette for hair slides, and, or for bridal fascinators.