"The Dress" is a subject that immediately excites most of the women I know - engaged or not. To see a reflection of yourself shimmering in white really is the stuff of little girls' dreams. I was lucky enough to see one friend's dream unfurl before her eyes when she recently invited me to go dress shopping with her.
What a rite of passage it was! However well you know your friends you learn a lot more about them when weddings gowns are involved. Whether they want slinky, sexy creations that cling to the skin and exude glamour or something grander and heavily embellished complete with impressive train, it's a real expression of one's personality.
So in search of "the dress" we made appointments at some of the most highly-esteemed bridal boutiques in London. She tried on slinky numbers, princess prom dresses and even a creation worthy of Swan Lake. She tried sultry, innocent, traditional and every other look in between. She was draped in cathedral-length veils, short voluminous versions and even veils sparking with Swarovski crystals. It was eye-opening and so exciting to be with her as she shimmied into each gown in the quest to find such a defining and important item of clothing.
Unbeknown to me she had already found The One; but cleverly went shopping to try on a few more styles. It makes sense: just like if you're looking for the perfect little black dress or perfect winter coat, you're going to try on a few different shapes, lengths and designers before making your choice. And just like that LBD, you'll know when you've found The One!