I often get asked by friends and readers about gifts for bridesmaids. It can be tricky, as many brides are caught between wanting to give something really personal, touching and lovely and not wanting to spend a small fortune. Often by the time you come to buying gifts you've already spent most of your budget on your wedding, but naturally want to give your bridesmaids a token of thanks. What you buy very much depends on your own relationship with the individual. Don't feel like you must get everyone the same gift, however if this is the case be careful how and when you hand them out so as not to cause embarrassment. While I gave my sister a Tiffany bracelet, my flower girls (my husband's godchildren) were given a patchwork piece of art with their names on to hang on their bedroom walls (see littleplum.co.uk). The cost difference was substantial, however the relationships different. When I was bridesmaid to one of my best friends she'd blown the budget on designer Issa dresses for us which I personally thought was a great gift in itself! There is no rule set in stone that you absolutely must buy your bridesmaids gifts, however as with grooms and their ushers, it's often considered not only a nice thing to do, but also the 'done' thing.
Here are some of my top websites for gorgeous bridesmaids gifts at great prices:

- Pollyandprince.co.uk - quirky online gift boutique - from jewellery and fashion accessories to girly interior accessories such as candles and decorative pieces.
- Smythson.com - notelets with fashionable illustrations and note books with fun embossed sayings such as 'Must Have', 'Shopaholic', 'With Love and Kisses' and many more.
- Aspinaloflondon.com - fashion accessories such as patent heart coin purse, smart wallets, funky scarves and key rings.
- Flyingflowers.co.uk - flowers for a year (a bouquet per month) from £162.
- Noblemacmillan.com - great personalised stationary, photo frames, scrapbooks, notepads, visitor and address books, and personalised leather photo albums.


- Adorablelittlethings.co.uk - ID bracelets, cute hair accessories, jewellery, gift sets and gift vouchers.
- Littleplum.co.uk - for gorgeous personalised art work.
- Dollydagger.co.uk - fun accessories such as heart alarm clocks, lip -shaped phones, purses, vanity cases and jewellery.