I have had meetings this week with our Italian fabric suppliers. Other than working with brides, this is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job.
I am passionate about the fabrics I use for my designs and so these meetings always unleash my deep passion for design. I often base a design of a dress on an exquisite fabric - I can immediately envisage how it will drop and move and I want to pay homage to it and transform it into a beautiful gown.
I am also fastidious about the quality of the materials I use; all of my fabrics are sourced from our trusted suppliers in France, Italy and Switzerland who are commissioned to make them especially for me. Just as my dresses are couture, so is the fabric.
After seeing all of these wonderful fabrics I went on a boat trip down the Thames, just me and my sketch pad. My life is so busy and hectic usually, but the calming influence of a slow river, or simply being outdoors helps me to relax and gets my creative juices flowing. I was pleased to read this week that Time Out voted London as the world's second best city to live in! And I can understand why - as a London designer, I often take inspiration from this great city of ours - the architecture, the music and culture of it all is so inspiring.
These designs will make up my new evening wear collection which is due to be launched in time for Christmas. This will be swiftly followed by a new photo shoot for the range which I am really excited about. Watch this space to see who will be modelling the range - we have quite an A-list following for our evening gowns! I have seen a recent trend for brides wanting two gowns for their weddings or looking for something a bit different to traditional bridal gowns and my Niche range is perfect for this. My evening wear designs use the same formula as making a bridal dress - perfected fit, immaculate detailing and luxurious fabrics. However, it also allows me to be more adventurous and creative with colours and designs. So every dress is fit for the red carpet...or in your case the aisle!