Sex And The Wedding III
We might not be any closer to finding out who else takes the plug in what must be the most hotly anticipated film sequel out next May, but we do know Mr Big is to say 'I do' again. Don't worry Carrie fans, he hasn't ditched her again. Real life Mr Big Chris Noth has popped the all-important question to long-term girlfriend Tara Wilson. But Tara, a tip: don't pick the New York Public Library as your venue.

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Cruz-ing Towards The Aisle?
She's been a regular on our ring rumours radar but it's looking more and more likely that actress Penelope Cruz has said 'yes' to fellow Spaniard Javier Bardem. The couple are remaining coy but a source told the New York Daily News: "They're telling friends they will get married." And there is the certain fact of a stonking great ring on that finger. Come on now 'fess up.

Surprise, Surprise
Celebrities can be notoriously secretive about their weddings. But to not even tell your mum? I don't think mine would ever forgive me. Jennifer Ellison's mother is obviously a more forgiving type as the actress eloped to Mauritius with now-hubby Rob Tickle (and OK! in tow). The six-months-pregnant actress reveals, 'Something that has been really important to me since I was a little girl is to be married before I had children. Originally we set the date for August 1 in Ireland, but we ended up having to cancel. One of the biggest things playing on my mind is not telling my mum. But when we were planning our wedding in August there was so much stress and she was like: "Why don't you just run away and get married?" When she said that, I didn't feel as guilty.' Mum's the word.