I was recently asked by a friend to recommend a catering company for her wedding day. She's looking for delicious food served beautifully. I reeled off a list of my favourite caterers, but after a long chat with her I discovered that what she was really wanted was a wedding breakfast menu that would wow her guests. With this in mind, I directed her to event and catering company Table Talk. 
What I love about Table Talk is that they're constantly evolving their menus, coming up with new and original ideas each season that reflect the latest food trends. They'll inspire you and tailor a bespoke wedding menu combining all the things you like. If you're clueless about what you'd like to serve your guests, they'll ask you all right questions... do you like modern European or Asian food? Would you prefer to keep it traditionally British? Had you considered a buffet style reception? As well as supplying tasty food, the talented team at Table Talk will take care to present the food and drink in a way that will really impress your guests.
With November just around the corner, they've come up with some inventive food and drink ideas for winter weddings. Here are some of my favourites:

White chocolate mousse with sugar glass pyramid

1. Festive Fusions - Serve crushed red grape Caprioskas or starfruit & lychee Martinis, both of which ooze festive luxury. Even a classic Orange Brandy on the rocks will bring warm comfort to guests at a wintery wedding. For a quirky garnish, display delicate slices of caramelized fruit on the side of the glasses.
2. Give your guests something to talk about with adventurous and unusual canapés. Tongue-teasing amuse-bouches will help to encourage conversation between guests. Choose a variety of colourful canapés and opt for different shapes. For after dinner, choose the white chocolate mousse sugar glass pyramid or caramel and pumpkin oil teardrop.
3. Aromatic spiced popcorn sweetened with cinnamon & vanilla makes a great wedding favour. Package in miniature cellophane bags finished with a ribbon and offer to guests as they leave.

As well as being one of the leading catering companies and experts at menu planning, it's also good to know that Table Talk have experience in overall wedding co-ordination, so they'll also be able to advise on venues, flowers, entertainment. In fact, there's little they can't do!