No doubt you've seen the fabulous designs on the catwalk, or in Brides, of Suzanne Neville, our current guest blogger. There's no question that Suzanne is very much at the forefront of the bridal fashion industry for many reasons. What some of you may not know is that Suzanne's designs are currently hitting your TV screens regularly. Ah yes, it's otherwise known as the X Factor - the UK's current TV obsession. The connection? Suzanne is, as she did last year, dressing the young female contests, adorning them in the glam cocktail frocks from her evening wear range. Last year it was Alexandra Burke who wore Suzanne's designs regularly, this year its Lucie, and possibly Stacey. What can I say? Those girls are fab but lets face it, they need help in the fashion department, and well done Suzanne for hopping right on in there. I'd forgotten about her X Factor connection until I was on a store appointment to see her and the ever lovely Katherine, her right hand lady, last week. In I walk and there is Lucie! I didn't really know what to say, as I am a self confessed X Factor viewer, it was practically like meeting Madonna! Ha! Sort of anyway. So I bounded up and said 'hello' very loudly and she grinned back and said very enthusiastically 'Oh Thanks!' We had a brief chat, I checked out her outfits - very nice obviously and I was sworn to secrecy until last Saturday's show where Lucie wore the stunning red gown. Totally gorgeous!
Bottom line - I love Suzanne's evening wear range - they are glossy, uber-glam, vibrant (always a great range of colours) and sophisticated. Totally perfect for mother of the bride. Her incredibly corsetry pulls you in at all the right places and the pure sophistication, not to mention wide range of designs means they'll suit mothers of the brides as well as younger X Factor contestents who are also in need of a bit of glam for that all important moment.
Prices from £800,