'Your mailbox is full'. Four words I dread when I turn on my computer in the morning. Because, generally, I hate deleting emails (even, ironically, those in the 'deleted items' folder), for fear that one day I'll need to refer back to them and won't be able to. But, as I haven't yet managed to sweet talk IT into increasing my mailbox capacity, I'm forced to undertake a daily message purge to make room for more.

I'd be lost without my email. It's so quick, efficient and... effortless. Even so, sometimes you can't beat doing things the old fashioned way - and that includes thank you notes. There's nothing nicer than getting a hand-written letter from a friend or loved one.

So I'm loving Nina Campbell's (www.ninacampbell.com) new stationery range - particularly the cute illustrated note cards, which are destined for the (real) mailboxes of my friends and family in the new year. There's also a wedding thank you card (£18 for a pack of 10) that's really sweet - slip inside a photo from your wedding day for an added personal touch.