I've developed a bit of an addiction to this online boutique - www.lamaisoncouture.com. If I was putting together my own wedding gift list, there are very few things I'd be able to resist. Let's say you've decided on your practical gifts - the toaster, iron and duvet - but want to pick up ideas for wedding gifts with glamour, then this is the website for you. Sadly you can't register your list through the website (yet!), but many of the recommended retailers offer gift list services. The site is beautifully designed and products are organised by room, which makes it super-simple to find what you're looking for. Its also worth mentioning that there's a Flower Hall so you can effortlessly send out bouquets to thank your bridesmaids after the wedding. There are tasty favour ideas in the Chocolate Parlour and on one of my visits to the website, I came across the Tea Room, which is full of chic wedding cakes! This website really is full of surprises.

When it comes to choosing homeware for your gift list, it is important to think practically - what do you actually need? Which items that you currently own need replacing? Are there some 'treat' gifts that you couldn't justify buying for yourself? Also, remember that the gifts you choose will be with you for years to come and together will shape the look of your marital home. Have a chat with your groom about your combined tastes. Are you drawn to the modern, slick look - think stainless steel appliances, strong patterns and colours - or are you more of a traditionalist, drawn to antique-looking furniture, florals and mismatched crockery? If you know the style of home you want, then it'll make it easier to select items when you're giftlist shopping. For top nationwide wedding gift list services with a range of products to suit all tastes, check out John Lewis and House of Fraser.

If you have all the practical day-to-day necessities you need, but want to upgrade your home, then check out 
www.beyondweddingsltd.com for some great gifts. Interior designer Chelsea Bidwill will come to your home, identify your style by considering what you already have and treasure, and then draw up a list of gifts to transform the space. It could be anything from a new mirror, or a set of scatter cushions. She might suggest a new lamp or piece of statement furniture. Once Chelsea has sourced the items and you've approved them, they will be posted on the Beyond Weddings website, where guests can choose and purchase their gifts. She also offers a more comprehensive service which includes drawing up plans for structural and permanent changes to your home. So if you and your groom are dreaming of a new bathroom, kitchen or garden then this service makes it possible. Details of the area that is to be redesigned will be posted on the Beyond Weddings website, allowing your guests to contribute to the costs of the refurbishment.