It's great to be asked to be Brides Guest Designer Blogger for the next eight weeks and I'll be delighted to take you on a fabulous journey through my world of wedding dress design and couture.

My inspiration comes both from the catwalk and, most importantly, my clients. Every bride wants to glide up the aisle feeling at her most beautiful, and the right wedding dress accomplishes this. My gowns are all handmade and hand-beaded, and with subtle hints of theatre the effect is truly magical. I never tire of the adrenalin rush I get from seeing a bride beaming in her dress and knowing that she feels fantastic!

When I started the business 28 years ago, I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams that I'd be commissioned to design a gown for a Royal Wedding. Creating the dress for Autumn Kelly for her marriage to Peter Phillips - the first of the Queen's grandchildren to marry - was definitely one of the highlights of my career. Autumn Kelly's gown reflected my constant love for attention to fine detail in a dress. In my opinion, a wedding dress should not only look like a wedding dress and enhance the elegance of the female form but it should also reflect the modern woman.

A hidden hallmark of my designs is what's concealed inside them, as my talented seamstresses hand sew an integral corset into every gown. This not only achieves the perfect streamlined silhouette but - equally vital - it's extremely comfortable!

Next week I'll tell you about my 2010 Collection launch, but do let me know if I can weave a little magic into your bridal gown dreams before then!