My credit card has taken a bit of a pounding over the past few months, with a string of hen parties that have run into triple figures. So I was relieved when I got an invite to a Come Dine With Me-style hen do dinner party at the maid-of-honour's house. And I have to say, it was fab! We each made a different food course to make sure everyone was involved, we had eight small dishes instead of a three-course meal, and since we wouldn't have all been able to fit in the kitchen at once, we prepared our dishes at home beforehand and finished them off at the party. The MOH had made score cards for us to mark each other out of ten, and plenty of bubbly meant it was more fun than competitive. After that we had a cocktail-making competition (you can pick up cool accessories from and, played silly games (check out and, danced to cheesy Eighties tunes and finished off with karaoke ( is fab and free!). I haven't had that much fun in ages, and it only cost me £40. Nice.