The Clothes Show Live's acclaimed stylist Harriett Jagger, emailed me a while ago asking for three dresses for the opening catwalk parade. The show is celebrating its 21st birthday this week at the Birmingham NEC and some really top designers and celebrities are involved, including Gok Wan and by the sound of it, most of the cast of Hollyoaks!

My initial reaction at being invited was, 'Fantastic! No problem! Love to!' The theme is Narnia - Snow Queen and I instantly chose two dresses I produced for October's Designer Wedding Show. One of these has a crystal embellished bodice with incredible light reflection, a matching beaded hem and an enormous ball gown skirt made of Belgian spotted tulle. Very Snow Queen!

For the third dress, I'm using an amazing clear sequin mesh I've just ordered from Italy. Perfect! I have to admit it, perfectionism constantly drives me. Every bridal gown demands an eye for the magical, fingers that weave invisible stitches and 150 per cent commitment! But, I digress...

My tickets arriving from Harriet in the post reminded me of the show's imminent deadline. My thoughts instantly turned to my hard-working production manager, Sheena who's taken on these added jobs with grace, considering her schedules were already bursting at the seams! Maybe time for a little schmoozing...'Now, Sheena, my darling how about a slice of cake with your tea...?'

At least I've got the Brides Christmas luncheon at The Connaught to look forward to and that always includes some après-lunch retail therapy! I'll keep you posted!