This weekend, I enjoyed a rare supper with two great friends and found myself chatting with them about a new show I'm attending at Claridge's on 28 March next year called The Absolutely Beautiful Weddings Show. I was moved and amazed by both of my friends - Jo, just back from Harvard and Jane, a consultant anaesthetist - offering to help for the sheer love of it!
'Girls! It's hard work!' Yet, I know it's also an irresistible mix of fun and glamour so, I've accepted their offer, sparking great excitement!
The show certainly looks set to be a lovely, intimate affair full of gorgeous indulgences! Joining me are a select gro, including Magpie Vintage and Emmy Shoes. Websites of others are below.
Also there, are the great Tenors Unlimited. They sang to me in a champagne reception at the Designer Wedding Show earlier this year, and my knees just melted! They sing at weddings and believe me, they are truly unforgettable! Swoon, swoon!
Honestly, I count my blessings to have work that I can't wait to get into in the mornings and which often elicits the comment, 'What a lovely job you have!' from clients and friends. I agree!
However, before sounding too smug, let me share with you some 'sensitive' negotiations I recently attended in my workroom involving seamstresses, wedding dresses and air conditioning. If you can imagine half the workroom in scarves and jumpers, and half in beach-wear you'll get the picture! After much debate, we finally settled on 23˚C 'without oscillation'... and all this to create the perfect gown in filtered air ( well as happy humans of course!)