Jewellery takes on a new texture this week in the totally back-to-school style of transfer tattoos. But forget hearts 'n' daggers and anchors, darlings, we're talking chic necklaces, bracelets and rings designed by the only brand that, let's face it, can get away with it: Chanel.

"Les Trompe-L'Oeil de Chanel" sheets include 55 tattoos (un petit taster from the beauty desk, pictured right) with various shapes of the infamous pearl and leather chains, cascading florals, whimsy birds and linked C's that you can 'suspend' from your faux ankle chain or pendant for a bespoke design.
Wedding-wise, we recommend these for fierce fashionistas getting married the first week of March, because a) they go on sale Monday March 1, b) microtrends like this have a shelf-life of yoghurt and c) chances are they'll be sold out in nanoseconds.

Our verdict? It's taken the girls in the Brides office an average of 3 seconds to decide, Marmite-style, whether they love these or hate these and the majority voted... LOVE, with yelps of "Fabulous!" "Kitch-but-brilliant!" and "So wrong but oh so right!"

£49 for five sheets (55 designs). Put your name on the waiting list now (call 020 7493 3836)...but if you can't get your mitts on them, you could always loiter outside the Bond Street store with packets of chocolate ciggies for seriously stylish swapsy-ing.