Bridal jewellers Yarwood-White have launched two new services, to bridge the gap between off-the-shelf jewellery collections and expensive, high-end bespoke one-offs. Yarwood-White designs are typically bridal and traditional with a modern twist to them. They offer a wide range of all types of jewellery as well as coloured pieces, which are also perfect for bridemaids and mums.

The first is Yarwood-White Tailored: a made-to-measure service allowing brides to customise the current ready-to-wear collections quickly and simply and most importantly cost effectively. For a 10% design fee brides can order their jewellery in the perfect size, colour, or make other small changes. Fees start from £22.

The other is Yarwood-White Bespoke: it's your dream accessory come true. Through a creative, friendly and professional 4-step process the designers at Yarwood-White will bring your ideas to life. Design fees start from just £35. Bespoke gift vouchers are also available.