This week, two of the Brides team are reading Committed: A Sceptic Makes Peace With Marriage by Elizabeth Gilbert - it's the follow up to her inspiring book Eat, Pray, Love (or EPL as fans like to call it!).
EPL follows Elizabeth's quest for direction, enlightenment and self-improvement following a messy divorce - it's the perfect read for anyone preparing for their second marriage. It's also an insightful and counselling voice to those feeling generally a little lost in life and questioning their path.
Meanwhile Committed is an in-depth study of marriage - from its most archaic roots to its most modern Western ideals. It's an essential read for the bride who really wants to get her head around the huge, life-changing experience of matrimony.
As a bride-to-be herself, Elizabeth shares some really fascinating anecdotes and statistics, and researches theories on subjects like monogamy, commitment, divorce, the difference between romantic love and marital love, the crippling effects of infatuation and desire, and that secret, troubling feeling of doubt in one's relationships. The book is eye opening and a little scary in its stark truths, but ultimately it's a celebration of marriage and by the end you'll feel excited, educated and wiser as you prep for this defining occasion.

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