Happy new year! And if you got engaged over Christmas, huge congratulations - welcome to the wonderful bridal world!

For those of you already in the thick of planning and thinking about your gift list, take your inspiration from items that made it onto John Lewis wedding lists in 2009.

Predictably, household gifts topped the most-wanted list (an Analon Knife Block took the No 1 spot, and bed linen, glass and towels were all in the top 10).

But it's the quirky stuff that I really love: roller skates (nice, fun gift); a nose and ear hair trimmer (a must-have for keeping him fuzz-free for years!); a Mulberry handbag (well, if he won't buy you one...); and my favourite, a boxing punchbag (interpret as you wish).

When compiling your wedding list, think outside the gift box. Is there something you really want - however frivolous - that you can't afford to splash out on yourselves? Can you request gifts that will ease your financial burden? Just like the rest of your wedding, your list can be as conventional or as modern as you like. Yes, there are traditions, but you don't have to follow them. So if you've already got three kettles, a 16-piece dinner service and enough towels to keep you dry for years, don't be afraid to ask for something different, be it a snorkel and flippers; a giant chess set; or money towards honeymoon activities, a piece of art or a wine cellar - it's totally up to you!