It's my last blog as Guest Editor and, rather appropriately I've just done a final fitting. This is where we check to ensure no last-minute weight loss or gain has appeared - most brides actually stay the same - and we teach mums and bridesmaids how to correctly lace up integral corsets.
The fitting I speak of is an extra special one as it's for an in-house wedding, and honestly there is nothing more exciting than this for a bridal designer and her team of seamstresses! Lisa, one of my trusted aids for the past nine years is getting married and we are happily creating her dress!
Lisa said she'd always dreamt of a winter wedding and we collectively breathed a sigh of relief when she announced that it was planned for February. Had it been the height of summer, our busy schedules would have made it harder for us to enjoy it as much.
However, you would not believe what a difficult decision it is to find the right dress, when the choices available to you are endless! To try and surmount this - nonetheless agreeable - problem Lisa selected one or two of her favourite gowns and I then designed her a 'bespoke special.'
As her designer, I wanted her to feel that she's had the same exclusive treatment that I like to give to each of my brides, as the whole experience should feel magical. Beginning the toile fittings in the autumn, we chose some exquisite French beaded Chantilly that actually shimmers. With the wedding being in February, the natural day light is low, but against this Lisa's dress should gleam like sunshine.
She's been convinced all the way through that she doesn't want a veil... I'm still working on her about that though...and may well be doing so all the way up the aisle! Only joking darling!

A toast to the bride...and to brides everywhere!