This week it's all about colour. Traditionally white weddings are beautiful, but the hot thing for 2010 weddings is big bold colour. Here's my step-by-step guide to colour co-coordinating your wedding day.

Chris Everard

1. When choosing your colours, make sure you consider your reception space. If you've chosen a traditionally decorated banqueting hall, then a vibrant scheme of orange and turquoise won't work. If your venue is in a woodland setting then think of the green backdrop, likewise for a coastal wedding, choose colours that will complement the view of blue sea.

2. Think about the colour combinations you're drawn to. Flick through magazines tearing out swatches of colours you like. Visit a local DIY store and select paint swatch cards in shades of your favourite hues. This will help you decide if you're leaning towards dusty pink, baby pink or shocking pink, for example. It might also be helpful to use a Pantone book and select a colour the same way that graphic designers do (find one from Amazon). Your stationery company and cake designer will thank you for this since every colour has a reference code so it will be easy for them to colour match.

3. Aim to stick to 2 or 3 main colours to create a cohesive but interesting colour scheme. Working with one colour only can look a little 'matchy-matchy'. Hot combinations at the moment are scarlet red with turquoise blue, pale pink and chocolate brown, and the ever classic but chic monochrome black, white with silver.

4. Think about the mood you want to create at your wedding. Do you like the idea of a romantic affair (think pinks), a calm and peaceful Zen-like day (shades of blues or a palette of greens) or a high-energy party? (Vibrant hues such as orange).

Finally, a tip, which might sound very obvious, but all the same very important: go with a wedding palette you love! As with all aspects of wedding planning, there will be lots of people with different opinions trying to influence your choice. Hold your ground, and surround yourself with colours on your wedding day that quite simply make YOU happy!