Brides will be (and most certainly should be!) thrilled to welcome the unique if not rather genius designs of new US bridesmaid company Two Birds, launched in the UK this month. The concept is simple - one dress, which can be worn in 15 ways in 18 different colours. It solves a million and one problems for brides dressing their maids who are different shapes, sizes and not to mention have different tastes and views. It also means girls can wear one style in church and another for the reception without even having to change dresses.
Made from a luxurious jersey blend the brilliance of the dress lies within the bodice straps that can be tied, twisted, knotted, and folded to create a range of necklines from v-neck to strapless, halter and cap sleeved and more. No alterations are necessary, dress lengths are available in two lengths below the knee and full length and are in a two size category 4-14 and 16-24. A custom colour matching service is available.
Prices, £180 short and £200 long.
202 Kensington Park Road, London, W11