Being a budget-conscious bride has never been cooler ­- there's nothing wrong with wanting a bit more party for your pound. One area you can save a tidy sum is table decorations. I asked Kaley Gardiner, founder of The Last Detail ( ­a great one-stop web shop for affordable wedding decorations, favours, gifts and games ­for her top tips...

Rock on with table gems
Make your table glimmer like you struck gold with gorgeous table gems (£9.50 for 100g ­- enough for three to four tables). Cut impeccably to capture and reflect the light, they will create a stunning effect on your tables.

Add colour with freeze-dried rose petals. Fill glass bowls with water and scatter with freeze-dried rose petals (£25 for a 2-litre box) and gorgeous floating candles (you can pick up 24 for £2.99 at Magical.

Light up your reception with mini sparklers. Add a little extra shimmer and radiance to your celebrations with Elegantly Entertaining sparklers (£4.25 for 15). Put in desserts and light them as they are brought to the table or give to each guest to light round the table.

Strike it lucky with a Lottery ticket
Wish your guests a little of that perfect-day magic by presenting them with a pretty 'Lucky in Love?' envelope (£4.49 for 10; available in silver and gold) with a Lottery ticket inside. It's a small addition to the day, but guests will feel like you've really thought about them.