I'm amazed at how often I get asked 'Will my shoes hurt' or 'What can I do about painful shoes'. The answer to the first is yes. More than likely, anyway. If you think about the hours you're on your feet from walking up the aisle to hitting the dance floor (and goodness knows what else you get up to in-between), that's a lot of hours on your feet!
Here are my tip-top suggestions to ease the pain:
- If you're not a heels person don't go for something ridiculously high just because it's your wedding day. Make sure you get your shoes before the dress, or at least know what heel height you are after, and make sure your dress is altered accordingly.
- Wear your shoes in as much as possibly before the big day. Stiff shoes are the worst!
- Invest in a pair of innersoles from the following selection:

Tip Toes - cushioned inner soles to stop your feet sliding forward and cushions the balls of your feet.

Killer Kushionz - only full inner soles that can be worn with open toe sandals.

Heavenly Heelz - multi-functional cushioned inner soles that protect your heels from rubbing and blistering, also great when wearing tights to prevent laddering.

Amazing Arches - provide support for the arch of the foot working with the body's natural shock absorption system to reduce fatigue.

Sexy Soles - great for flats, the custom-made insoles design allows you to trim to fit all shapes.

All of these are available from Foot Petals at www.tszuji.co.uk, with prices from £7.95