Last week I went to visit Johanna Hehir in her London boutique on Chiltern Street. I felt extremely honoured as Johanna had invited me to go over her new designs for her next collection, which is always a treat. Known for her extremely ladylike designs, which range from slinky satin and lace empire Jane Austin-eque numbers to charming, pretty lace and duchess satin A-line dresses with pastel sashes, I was in no doubt that her new collection would be classically feminine. I was right - staying true to her style, the dresses are still ultra-pretty but are updated with new modern designs on details such as velvet piping, ruffles in skirts and taffeta pleating and draping, and most notably new stylish (and most flattering) waistlines. Johanna has divided her collection into four different categories, which include the following -
1950s - these dresses are full-skirted with a range of necklines from strapless to halter. It's a homage, as she says to, Christian Dior's famous debutante look known as the 'Parisienne'. Think Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.
1930s - A very glamorous, decadent era, dresses are slim fitted, and exceptionally elegant in silks and satins (the back of the dress is key here). Diamanté details are added to these looks for drama.
1920s - Think the flapper decade when the Charleston dance was in full swing. Drop-waisted, slim dresses with side sashes and lace and feather detail, faux fur shrugs and, as Johanna says 'all that jazz - I see this look as a lot of fun!' - but still remaining sophisticated and elegant.
1910s - Inspired by the Titanic, Johanna keeps all the drama of this era with lots of layering, long lace sleeves and high necks with button details but modernises it with styles coming in ruched georgette tops that reveal a sweet heart neckline giving it sexiness. Talking of which, there will be some great sculptured shapes with some fabulous shrugs and wraps

In short there is pretty much something for every bride in her collection and I urge you to go and have a look at these gorgeous creations come April when they will be in store - I know I cannot wait to shoot them!
Materials include beaded lace, organza, taffeta silk and duchesse satins, velvet, crepe silk and silk satins.
Prices from £2,000