Could spring me in the air? At the merest hint of sunshine wardrobes are switched over to Spring/Summer, rosé starts flowing and ice cream is not only justifiable but necessary!
So it is with much delight that I can inform you of Freggo-Go-Go designed to quench your every frozen desert need. The wonderful people behind this Argentine import have realised that whilst their uber cool Ice Cream Bar on Swallow Street attracts a hip and fabulous crowd, sometimes we just want a tub all to ourselves in bed, or at a picnic in the park, or indeed on a hen night in front of a really good movie.
Their flavours are show-stoppingly fabulous and range from our favourite (Dulce de Leche) which literally melts on your tongue to tangy Malbec and Berries if you're feeling a little more decadent. The menu reads like a dream with one silky textured flavour melting into the next so for those of you who simply can't make your mind up why not choose a flavour palette with six different flavours?
Your perfectly chilled delicacies will wing their way to you on the Freggo-go-go scooter and arrive in time to be devoured as long as you live within zones 1-3 in London.
Then all you need is a good group of girls and some spoons. Enjoy ladies!

Head to for more information.
27-29 Swallow Street, London. W1B 4QR