They say what a difference a day makes - well how about an hour! To say that hair extensions have changed my life is somewhat dramatic but in the world of beauty and all things vain, they have! I love them, I really do and have had nothing but compliments from men and women ever since. Like many women it's been something I've always contemplated but never done it due to a) cost (notoriously expensive) b) the horrendous reputation they have (who wants hair glued to their head!) c) effort! The experience I had was the opposite of all the above. If anything I am thinking of keeping them and getting them done again. Who doesn't want Cheryl Cole hair! I thought it was real until told otherwise. Course not - Chezza's got extensions as well as a long list of glossy haired celebs we ogle at - Fearne Cotton, Holly Willoughby, Katie Price, Victoria Beckham when she had long hair - they're all at it!

I went to see the Weave Got Style team at House of Fraser. They matched up the colour of my real hair in seconds using real ethical hair from Asia, had a bit of a chat about length and off they went! This process is different to when they glue hair (glue is very hard to maintain and damages your hair irreparably) as they weave real hair to your own hair - a bit like a plait. It's terribly neat as you can see from my photo and oh so quick. It took about 50 minutes all in. When it was done they gave it a bit of a trim so the cut matched my original style and then tonged it to give me a soft wave - very cool. I felt fabulous. I couldn't wait to see what the office girls thought. Verdict: everyone loved it, thought I looked uber glam, still like myself but better and most of all people couldn't believe how real it looked! That's due to the real hair. Of course it's weird having someone else's hair but who wants a head full of synthetic hair! It would look awful. Anyway the hair that's used has been cleaned and washed a million times, is in perfect condition and let's face it, once it's on your head its yours.

The only problem I encountered was my first night sleep wasn't great. As the weave has to be done tightly in order for it to last it takes 24hrs to loosen up. It hurt a little when I lay down but not at all during the day and only for one night. It's a tiny price to pay. Re brushing it - still the same. You just have to take care where the plaits are. Washing is exactly the same - it's real hair after all!

Best bit - the cost. From £160 for a full head for the first time. A mere fraction of the hundreds the glue extensions cost. It lasts around 6 weeks and if you want them redone they will only charge £90. If you want them taken out its £25.

One week in and I love them more every day and get genuine compliments all the time. Everyone thinks I've simply grown it! I'm not a different person, I still look the same but better and honestly I feel better. Great hair give you confidence and it's done just that.

Weave Got Style is available at House of Fraser Lakeside at the front of the store. Booking line is 01708 894 119.
They will be launching in selected House of Fraser stores later this year.