• I've never liked this bit of me...
• Does my bum look big in this?
• I'm 36G, can I get away without a bra?
• Are my arms too flabby?
• Too scrawny?
• Where does the fat go when I put on my Spanx?
• Is this too young?
• Too old?
• I've got this tattoo...
• Surgery?

You probably thought that the above list was solely the concerns of the bride, not a bit of it...this is what we hear on a daily basis from the mums too.

Thirty years ago I would cringe at the thought of dressing the Mother of the Bride, it seemed to me then, a slice of womanhood that must be dealt with by someone else...not me!!! Indeed at the time, MOB (as she is elegantly known in the trade) did probably dress in a more formulaic way, everything matching, a bit formal, a bit out of step with current trends, perhaps a bit too like her mother's idea of how she should dress.

Today, not likely!! Fashion is young at heart. 35 plus is the target age group of any of the fashion houses that make outfits that take you to the wedding in the number 2 spot (the bride is number 1). Think of an age group from Kate Winslet to Kristen Scott-Thomas and you're not far off the mark. Ranges to look at would be Moschino, Fenn-Wright Manson, LK Bennett or if you really want to push the boat out, Chanel, Valentino or something more sleek from Bottega Veneta or Celine.

You could of course make the right choice and come directly to me in Beauchamp Place.You will find all the dresses, cut out the aggravation of finding shoes, hats and bags for the entire wedding. We can even fix up pampering sessions at local beautician Linda Meredith's salon or lunch at San Lorenzo, and if the groom is feeling left out, we can direct him on where to go for his kit too.

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