They say Friday 13th is unlucky for some. Well, if you don't have a problem walking under ladders and you have no qualms crossing the path of a black cat, it could be the most fortunate day of your life. Because if you plump for a Friday 13th wedding at Cotswold Water Park Four Pillars Hotel, you could save yourself a tidy sum.

Tie the knot at the plush Gloucestershire hotel on either Friday August 13 2010 or Friday May 13 2011 and you'll get 50 per cent off the wedding breakfast package, saving you more than £2,000 (for example, for a wedding breakfast based on 80-plus adults, you would usually pay £55 per person for 2010 and £58 per person for 2011; with this offer, you would pay £27.50 per person or £29 per person, respectively).*

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*Discount applies to wedding breakfast package only for all adults and children. Civil ceremony, evening buffet and accommodation will be charged at the usual rate. Normal terms and conditions apply. Subject to availability.