Thinking of indulging in some chocolate-inspired fun for your hen party or having a cocoa-rich dessert on your big day? Then you might want to consider what wine you add to the mix.

Last night I went to a wine and food tasting class at Leiths (Matching Food with Wine, £85;, tutored by Master of Wine Nancy Gilchrist, where we learned about which wines complement, and clash with, different types of food. I love chocolate and I'm partial to the odd glass of wine but, when it came to tasting the two together, in most cases, well let's just say, they weren't a match made in taste-bud heaven. Most of the wines we tried didn't work with the taste and texture of the dark chocolate...

Except a Muscat - specifically De Bortoli NV Show Reserve Liqueur Muscat from Australia (£11.99 from Majestic Wine; - which matched it beautifully. The bittersweet taste of the chocolate combined perfectly with the fruity notes of the Muscat. And that's the general rule: the wine should be sweeter than the chocolate - which is why fruity wines such as Muscat, Marsala and Madeira work so well with dark chocolate. I asked Nancy to suggest a few other wines that go well with chocolate. She recommended Asti Spumante, Moscatel, Brown Brothers Orange Muscat and Pedro Ximénez. You could also try tawny (wood-aged) ports, but avoid ruby (including vintage) ports.

I reckon that's the perfect excuse to have a wine tasting knees-up before your big day!