Need to shave a few pounds off your cake budget? Marie Sinclair from Genuine Cakes ( gives her top three tips:

'Having a two-tier cake instead of the traditional three can save almost £200. Choosing a medium and small tier will also help with the budget, as the larger tiers are the most expensive. If you need more cake for your guests, you can also order cutting bars which work out more affordable than an extra tier.'

Pick it up
'Collect the cake and assemble it yourself. Delivery can cost from £1 per mile, which soon adds up. Ask the cake designer to show you how the cake should sit together and go for a simple style without pillars to avoid any mishaps when assembling it.'

Ditch the fruit
'Choose sponge instead of traditional fruit cake and you could save £60 on a three-tier cake (sponge is around £20 cheaper than fruit per tier). With so many flavours available, including chocolate, lemon, ginger and carrot, your guests will be more than happy.'