Today we had a fabulous fly-by visit from the gorgeous Revlon PR team - and this wasn't just a quickie desk drop-in over a cup of tea!
Oh no, ever the ingenious creative team, they stopped by in a rather beautiful London Taxi cab, pimped up Revlon-stylee with silky pillows, fresh fruit, heart-shaped mirrors and laptop presentation (here they are outside Brides towers, right).
The emerald green cab has been emblazoned with their latest make-up launch GrowLuscious Mascara (£8.99, out in September), fronted by the Bambie-eyed Jessica Biel. The mascara aims to nourish, protect and strengthen your lashes with a peptide complex to prevent premature breaking, thus extending the lash's life-cycle and length. It looks like a very pretty mascara too so we'll be back soon with a full review (including our patent-pending tears'n'rain road test!).
Those clever gals didn't stop there: they've launched a Facebook campaign called Love Your Lashes, teaching customers to care for their lashes in conjunction with the new mascara. Michael Traudt, PhD and uber-brain chez Revlon, has devised a manifesto with easy tricks to work into your normal day, for instance:
"Protect your lashes from UV rays to avoid oxidative damage to the fibre structure of the lash. Shielding your eyes with sunglasses or a wide-brimmed hat will significantly limit any damage." Wise (and chic) words indeed.
And here's a clever incentive to make you really Love your Lashes: throughout July, the Revlon cab will be cruising the streets of London and if you spot it, take a photo and upload it onto the Revlon Facebook page. You'll be automatically entered into a competition to win an exclusive preview tube of GrowLuscious mascara and a fabulous pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses - which, we now know, aren't just for poolside posing!

Click this link and 'Like' what you see to join:!/RevlonUK?ref=ts