How many times have I bought an amazing pair of shoes, totally (often purposefully!) ignoring the ridiculous heel height only to get home and wobble along. I have a list of stories - one includes spraining my wrist, the other, purchasing a pair of stilettos so high that it arched my foot to the max so that I couldn't even bend my knee which = I couldn't walk. I promise both totally true. Stupid? Yes, but hey that's fashion. Do I advise this on your wedding day - of course not!!

Bonnie trainers, from Rainbow Club

As Bruce Oldfield, King of Couture himself, says, "the wedding is not the time to experiment". This is the one day you have to play by the rules, even if it's just a bit and invest in comfortable pair of shoes. This doesn't mean you have to compromise on the style stakes though. Your best bet is to buy from a bridal shoe designer as I did on my wedding day - they are pros at producing beautifully made and totally comfortable shoes that will send you from aisle to dance floor without even noticing. Some of the absolute best in the business that I would personally recommend are Rainbow Club (, Ivory Shoes (, Filippa Scott (, Paradox of London ( and Emmy (

Finally I am totally loving the bridal trainers Rainbow Club have launched in ivory satin (Bonnie, £65, pictured above) - genius! If I'd had found these when I got married I would have so snapped them up for the massive dance floor session I knew I was to encounter. They are also super-cute for your bridesmaids, and the Bonnie style pictured can be dyed in any colour as Rainbow has a free of charge dying service. Also check out these very cool glitzy numbers by Converse,(£49.99) in the gallery link below. I can't think of a better way to have a bit of fun on your wedding day, however you wear them!