We do wish celebrities would stop getting married in secret. One minute there's the odd rumour of a proposal and a fuzzy snap of a diamond ring and before we know it they've tied the knot in a private ceremony and none of us get to hear the details or more importantly see the pictures! First there was Emily and John, then Penelope and Javier (keeping your Galliano wedding dress from us was, quite frankly, selfish Penelope!) and then Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr also wed in a secret ceremony in L.A. They were kind enough to fill us in on the pregnancy however, so there'll be no surprises there in nine months time.
This weekend saw yet another covert wedding as Robbie Williams tied the knot with his actress girlfriend Ayda Field. A few grainy arial snaps reveal the happy couple wed at their £12 million home in Beverly Hills, with 40 guests in attendance. Miss Field wore a strapless dress with a full, layered skirt and Mr Williams looked sharp in a three-piece black suit. The pair had originally planned to get married on the island of Catalina but once rumours were leaked at the end of last week they decided to relocate to their own, rather lavish, back garden, for fear of a press invasion.
Fortunately, there are still some celebrities who allow us a proper peek at their big day. British TV presenter Kirsty Gallagher has tied the knot with her boyfriend of nine years, rugby player Paul Samson, in a romantic ceremony in Arcos de la Frontera, Spain. As pictured in Hello! magazine, Kirsty looked serene in a lace Susanne Neville dress, reducing her groom to tears as she walked down the aisle.

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