Just been catching up with wedding planner Marie Haverly at Isabella Weddings (www.isabellaweddings.co.uk). I asked her what's hot right now. Here are her top three reception ideas:

Nato Welton

1. 'Gorgeous tree stands as favour stands. Use a small branch or leafless tree, spray it any bright colour -(silver and gold are fab) - and drape sweets, fortunes or jewels from it and pop it on the reception table.'

2. 'Butlers are becoming a popular addition. Dressed in tails and white gloves, they assist guests and help them feel like royalty right from the moment they arrive.' Try www.butlerforyou.com or toastmaster Mike Judd (www.mikejudd.co.uk).

3. 'Gather up photos of all your guests, pop them in frames and use them instead of place cards - a great talking point.' Source vintage-style frames from www.zarahome.com.