To take time out from the continual venue hunting, this week I'm thinking bridesmaids! Much more fun.

Jeremy Enness

But more choices! Fortunately as one of the first of my friends to do the marriage thing I'm not bound by any 'Well, she asked me' constraints, but having moved from Glasgow, to Edinburgh for university and now working in London, I have various friendship groups and best friends/flatmates/partners-in-crime through it all. And then my mother pointed out 'But won't Pete's sisters (he has two) expect to be asked?' Eek I hadn't even thought of that!

Very conscious not to be one of those brides who flush with new engagement and champagne, tearful asks everyone within striking distance to be bridesmaid, I decided to keep schtum for a while.

One choice was obvious: my oldest best friend from school in Glasgow, Elizabeth. Ok, we don't talk on the phone every evening anymore, in fact with our lives at opposite ends of the country it can be months between phone calls and visits, but every time we do it seems like it was just yesterday that we spoke. Definitely in.

I didn't see myself as the kind of bride with a huge brood following me up the aisle, so plumped on three being the ideal team. As much as I love Pete's sisters, I finally reasoned that I wouldn't feel comfortable calling them in a panic about the font on invites. And anyway, I thought, they have each other to be bridesmaids for (plus, I'm sure plenty of friends), so they won't be upset...

I know as I get closer to the big day I would need people who had seen me freakish and all - flatmates. Clare, who I lived with all through university in Edinburgh, has been with me through everything from vomiting outside clubs to my father's funeral. And she was unflappable. In. Lou on the other hand was my partner in crime in our early London days - a) she'd be the girl to call to organise a kick-ass hen do and b) she kind of introduced me to Pete so without her none of this would be happening in the first place. In. The Team was in place.

I asked Clare and Lou face to face in London, but as I've not seen Elizabeth and am dying to ask her, I'm wondering how best to do it. This is not the moment for a text or email - by Brides blog maybe?! Or maybe I could 'propose' by sending a copy of 27 Dresses on DVD (£3.99 on Amazon!) with a note promising that she wouldn't be in a single one of those dresses. Or just keep it simple - I love this card: So Lils if you are reading this, one's winging its way to you... speak to you soon!