As you're planning your wedding day, you'll be gathering together lots of ideas from Brides, but remember that you can get inspiration from the most unexpected places. Take the premiere of the new film Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts which follows her journey of eating in Italy, praying in India and finding love in Indonesia. Top florist Mary Jane Vaughan created these show-stopping floral arches for the celeb-studded walkway, and scaled down they would make an amazing focal point for your wedding not to mention a great photo backdrop for your family shots. The arches were thoughtfully decorated to match the three themes of the film. The first was covered with foliage and edible Italian delights of fruit and pasta, the second featured beautiful garlands of orange flowers to symbolise prayer, and the third representing love was decorated with pink orchids for a really romantic look. While I'm not suggesting you hang bags of fettucine or fusilli from your wedding arch, speak to your florist and ask them to create an arched display of flowers that match your table centres and bouquet.