I am so excited that Brides magazine have asked me to be their guest blogger for the next 6 weeks.... OMG how fabulous! I will be inviting you into my world to give you an insight into me, my collection and my brides.

If someone had told me 8 years ago when I started Charlotte Balbier that it would go on to become the success that it has, I would have thought they were bonkers!! Don't get me wrong I always dreamed that Charlotte Balbier, the brand, would grow and blossom into something wonderful, but it really has exceeded my wildest dreams.

People always ask me what is the favourite part of my job, the answer is simple... it's my brides. I feel honoured and blessed that so many brides choose to wear Charlotte Balbier on the most important day of their lives.

I launched the Charlotte Balbier collection in June 2003 in the UK. I wanted to create a bridal gown collection for brides-to-be who, like me and my friends, wanted something just that little bit different for her wedding gown. The collection is for the fashion-conscious bride of today who is not afraid to show her feminine side and wants to look and feel utterly fabulous on her wedding day. When I am not busy with the collection you can find me mostly shopping, hanging out with the girls drinking cocktails, walking my dog Abi in the country, chilling at home with a good book or dashing through the airport (usually very late) for my next flight somewhere fab!

So, over the next 6 weeks follow my blog and let me share with you the inspirations for my latest collections, all of my up-and-coming events and sneak peeks into the Charlotte Balbier world!!


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