We're all over the new bridesmaids collections by The Dress Consultants (www.thedressconsultants.co.uk) and Belle & Bunty (www.belleandbunty.co.uk). The Dress Consultants' dresses are just what a bride wants her bridesmaids to wear, and exactly what bridesmaids would love to be seen in. Designs are modern, elegant and sophisticated with a strong nod to current fashion trends. Designs start at £150-£270 in a wide range of colours and fabrics.

Another new and equally stunning bridesmaids collection is by Belle & Bunty. The collection called the Magnificent 7 comprises of seven very stylish long dresses with a vintage twist - perfect for both country and city weddings, and especially weddings abroad as the dresses are made with versatile fabrics such as silk crepe, silk chiffon, silk satin, and silk georgette. At a slighter pricier end of the scale, dresses start from £745. www.belleandbunty.co.uk

Preview Belle & Bunty's new Magnificent 7 bridesmaid dress collection here.