Are you getting married on Friday April 29 2011 - the same day as Prince William and Kate Middleton? If so, ITV's morning show Daybreak would like to hear from you!

Mel Yates

ITV's Daybreak - fronted by presenters Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles - is looking for two or three couples, who are planning to tie the knot on the same day as Prince William and his new bride-to-be, to follow over the coming months as they make their wedding arrangements. The show will want to know all about what you've got planned - from where you'll be getting your cake and wedding dress, to where you'll be going on your honeymoon. Finally, the TV show will film your big day when April 29 2011 finally comes around - which is sure to be as momentous as any royal wedding.

Interested couples should call Jane Adams on 0207 827 7233 or email For more information, head to