The cake table is the hot food trend du jour. I'm not talking about the traditional multi-tiered affair; think lots of different cakes in all shapes and sizes, from cupcakes to tarts and pies. Not only does it look fabulous, but it's great if you're on a tight budget: invite guests to enter a big-day bake-off and award prizes for the best. If you're having a vintage-inspired celebration, you could go one step further and make your own cupcake stands with mismatched crockery and retro glassware. It's easy, fun - and cheap (I just made one for under a fiver).

Simply scour charity shops for chintzy china and sturdy glassware (coloured cut glass looks particularly cool). Create the stand by forming a tower and sticking the items together with Araldite Rapid Ceramic & Glass adhesive (£7.99 from Start with a large bottom plate, followed by a cut-glass dessert bowl (stick it on upside down), then a medium-sized plate and a narrower glass (again, flipped upside down). Top with a china cup and saucer to finish. If you're having scones, the cup on top is perfect for jam or cream. Sweet!