Blue is set to be the hot wedding hue for 2011. With this in mind, I asked wedding planner Marie Haverly at Isabella Weddings ( for a few wallet-friendly tips and ideas. Here's what she suggests:

Nato Welton

Flowers and favours
* Add feathers to your flowers: it's a cheaper way to inject a bit of glamour to your bouquet! Pick up blue feathers at
* Peonies and delphiniums are fabulous blooms for a spring celebration.
* For gorgeous place names, fill teacups with blue flowers like Variegata (Blue Daisy), then add a lolly stick or herb marker with the guest's name.
* Bombay Sapphire miniatures (£1.49 from make great favours. Alternatively, try Blue Raspberry lollipops ( or blue-iced biscuits from

Stationery and décor
* Bunting and pompoms are inexpensive decorations; sew your names on the flags in white over blue. Try for the bunting and make your own pompoms with this step-by-step guide:
* Use luggage labels for place names and stamp your guests' names with blue ink. Pick up 10 tags for £1.99 at
* Perch a few blue butterflies on your wedding cake. Pick up 24 small feather and glitter butterflies for £11.99 at
* Don't spend lots on coloured tablecloths; use runners and round discs, and then place mirror discs on top with goldfish bowls of blue-tinted fairy lights, blue water with white roses or daisies floating or blue gel crystals. Pick up ideas at